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    (Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, February 28 through March 30, 1978). Co-curated by Judith Hoffberg and Joan Hugo, Artwords and Bookworks was one of the largest exhibition of "artists' books and ephemera" to take place during the 1970s. Comprised of experimental works by approximately six hundred contributors, the exhibition presented a diverse and provocative sampling of this alternative art form. Following its Los Angeles opening, the exhibition travelled to the Artist's Space, New York, the Heron School of Art, Indianapolis, and the New Orleans Contemporary Art Center, New Orleans. Although a small number of contributors requested that their works be returned at the close of the venue, the majority preferred that the exhibition be maintained as a record of the event itself. The ATCA holdings include these bookworks and other multiples alongside documentation and other related ephemera. The bound books in the collection have been individually cataloged to the "x" collection and can be retrieved by identifying the title in the exhibition catalog and searching InfoHawk, or alternately by restricting Infohawk to special collections in the advanced tab and searching the keyword"Artwords and Bookworks". All other artists' works, ephemera, and correspondence can be found within this aid.