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Campaign for Academic Freedom Edit


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  • 1858-1927 (Existence)

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  • Campaign for Academic Freedom


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    "The Campaign for Academic Freedom was formed on October 11, 1993 on the eve of a Board of Regents hearing to enact the Sexually Explicit Materials Policy. The C.A.F. argued that the policy would curtail both academic freedom and free expression, but also create a hostile and discriminatory environment for gay and lesbian faculty, staff, and students.

    The hearing and the newly enacted policy came in response to a controversy dating back to September, 1991. At that time a German language professor had screened a film, Taxi Zum Klo. Some students who had attended the screening became outraged at a particularly controversial, sexually explicit scene. The offended students felt that they should have been informed of such content in advance of the screening.

    Once the Iowa State Board of Regents came to agree with those students and to enforce the new policy, the C.A.F. began a vigorous campaign of rallies and protests to counter the measure. The organization disbanded by June, 1995.