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Hartupee Social Club (West Liberty, Iowa)



The Hartupee Social Club was founded October 2, 1930 in West Liberty, Iowa. The name Hartupee originated from a country schoolhouse built on the corner of Will Hartupee's farm in the rural neighborhoods of Hartupee and Prairie Grove, where the club women lived. The club was organized so neighborhood women and their children could come together and socialize. In early meetings the women brought husbands and held card parties in members' homes. When the club became too big parties were held at the West Liberty legion hall.

Club meetings were a major social event for the women where they could work together to help the community and accomplish goals, socialize, and share common interests. Beginning in the 1950s the club toured nearby towns and cities and occasionally met with other clubs. Over the years the club sent Christmas gifts to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital and the Cedar County Home. The club became smaller in later years due to the declining farm population and the increase in women working outside the home. As of 1990, 137 women answered the club's roll call at one time or another.

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Hartupee Social Club records

Identifier: IWA0621

Social club organized in 1930 by rural women living near West Liberty, Iowa.

Dates: 1930-1995