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Alderman, Ellen


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The Bill of Rights: The Ninth Amendment, 2000

 Item — Box 146: [Barcode: 31858072457991]
Identifier: CC-34875-36585
Scope and Contents Minsky's contribution to this trade edition book is the bookbinding and end papers that deal with the tragic death of Princess Diana. The amendment deals with the enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people: The Right to Privacy. Minsky notes that we all assume we have a right to privacy, but every day that right seems to diminish. From our personal data on the internet to telemarketing at dinnertime, we are barraged. And that's just the tip of it. This book identifies many serious legal issues surrounding privacy considerations. When people become public figures the violation of privacy becomes extreme. Occasionally those of us not in the public eye are reminded just how dangerous and invasive the thirst for vicarious living can be. The binding is an inkjet print on canvas of Princess Diana, with tabloid headlines on the back cover and endpapers with photos of her wrecked car. It comes in a velour...
Dates: 2000