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Bunuel, Luis



  • Existence: 1900-1983


Luis Bunuel was born February 22, 1900 in Calanda, Spain. He was educated by Jesuits before going to Madrid to study at the University. There he met Salvador Dali and the two became friends. He moved to Paris where, in 1928-29 he made, with Dali, the short film Un Chien Andalou.This film contained such shocking images that it was banned for decades. Some of the images still shock today, such as the slit-open eyeball that was one of the opening images in the film. It catapulted Bunuel to notoriety, especially among surrealists. He followed this with L'Age d'Or. He went on making movies, most of which attacked the bourgeoisie and Christianity. He moved to Mexico in the late nineteen-forties and made movies, many of which did not make much of an impression outside Spanish-speaking countries. One outstanding film from this time is Los Olvidados, an unflinching look at street life in Mexico. Returning to Europe, he made several films late in his career which won much critical acclaim. He worked with such actors as Fernando Rey, Jeanne Moreau and Catharine Deneuve. He won a Palme d'or, and an Oscar for The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie in 1972. Bunuel died in 1983.

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Luis Buñuel Film Scripts

Identifier: MsC0355

Scripts for films directed by the father of Surreal cinema. One transcription of a narration from Buñuel from 1932.

Dates: 1932-1956