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Row, Heath


Heath Row is a zine author, editor and reviewer living in Los Angeles, CA. He has participated in the world of zines and other DIY media since 1988. Over the years, he has published or contributed to zines such as No Drama, Blow, Fifth Man, Karma Lapel (and KL-chan), Media Diet, Hedge Trimmings, Stafficidal Tendencies, Raasochomix, Brooklyn!, and Flower. He also reviews zines for Zine World, as well as poetry for Small Press Review.

Row is also heavily involved in the amateur journalism community, and is a member of a number of different apas. These include Alarums and Excursions, the American Amateur Press Association (AAPA), The Conncection, ERBAPA, the Fantasy Amateur Press Association (FAPA), the National Amateur Press Association (NAPA), the Neffer Amateur Press Alliance (N'APA),and Slanapa. He is the current editor of .zap!!, the apa devoted to zines and DIY media.

The term apa refers to an Amateur Press Association. An amateur press association is a group of like-minded people, distributed across a wide geographical area, who join together to discuss common interests using the forum of a collated series (bundles) of individually printed publications. Apas originally came into existence in the late 19th century through the efforts of amateur journalists. However, starting in the early 20th century, apas came to be primarily associated with science fiction, fantasy, and other genre fans.

Publications in apas vary widely, and may include zines, flyers, handbills, advertisements, signs, broadsides, and virtually any other sort of printed publication one could imagine. Genre apas tend to focus more on zines. Apa members submit copies of their publications to the apa's Official Mailer (sometimes known as a Central Mailer or an Official Editor), a rotating, often elective position. The OM collates a copy of each publication - submitted at regular intervals - and sends the resulting bundles to every apa member.

Most apas require members to submit a minimum amount of material in a specified format to a specified number of mailings. This minimum activity (or minac) is usually specified by the OE and/or the established rules of the apa. Most apas also require each member to maintain a credit balance in a central funds account to cover common reproduction costs and postage.

Apas that require members to submit multiple copies of their contribution usually set a limit to the number of members and run a waiting list if necessary. In many cases people on the waiting list are permitted to contribute to mailings and may receive excess apazines provided by the members. Occasionally apas are formed by waiting list members who are tired of the wait.


The apazines in the Heath Row Collection comprise a number of different topics, including general ajay as well as more specific genre topics. The subjects given below are sometimes, though not always, those with which the associated apa explicitly identified itself.

American Amateur Press Association: General interest ajay association. The AAPA's official organ is the American Amateur Journalist.

Alarums and Excursions: Role-playing games

The Connection: Science fiction

ERBAPA: The literary works of Edgar Rice Burroughs

National Amateur Press Association: General interest ajay association

N'APA: Science fiction (National Fantasy Fan Federation/Neffer Amateur Press Alliance)

Slanapa: Science fiction (Slanderous Amateur Press Association)

Stipple Apa: Science fiction

United Amateur Press Association of America : General interest ajay association. UAPA's official organ is the United Amateur.

.zap!!: Originally devoted to the alt.zines Usenet newsgroup, now concerned with zines, DIY media, and general interest ajay

Found in 1 Collection or Record:

Heath Row Amateur Press Association Collection

Identifier: msc0364
Abstract Zine writer and editor, and member of multiple amateur press associations. Includes apa publications, apa official organs, and assorted loose ajay publications.
Dates: 1934-2010