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Satié, Alain, 1944-2011


Parallel Names

  • Satie, Alain, 1944-2011

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Lettrisme: The Ancient Origins of an Avant-garde Movement / David Seaman, curator ; Satie A ; Roehmer W ; Isou I ; Sabatier R ; Poyet F ; Broutin GP ; Apollinaire G ; Lemaitre M ; Seaman D., 2000

Identifier: CC-34521-36220
Scope and Contents

David Seaman curated this exhibition and writes in his essay, "Lettrisme is a cultural school, similar to Romanticism and Surrealism, seeking to bring about an evolution of universal values through its own characteristic creations. It continues even today...We do not read these works in the literal sense, but we gather the diffuse meanings that are suggested by semantic elements such as letters, symbols, and icons." The exhibition included Lettriste sound poetry, film and hypergraphic novels. Alain Satie and Woodie Roehmer participated, the latter recreating a floating sculpture, "Aquatic Dance." -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 2000

Lettrisme: Vue d'ensemble sur quelques depassements precis[CR]Vue d'ensemble sur quelques depasssemanta precis / Roland Sabatier, curator ; Isoki L ; Pomerand G ; Sabatier R ; Hachette M ; Satie A ; Gillard JP ; Poyet F ; Broutin GP ; Roehmer W ; Caraven V ; Bonaccorsi R ; Blanchon P ; Ricaldone S ; Fabre E ; Goldstein C ; Caron AC., 2010

Identifier: CC-54139-643047
Scope and Contents

Maurice Lemaitre was conspicuously absent from this exhibition although a photograph of him in a group appears on page 44 as does a worded photograph on page 57. This is a profusely illustrated catalogue of Lettrist artworks and documents comprising 249 b&w and color photographs. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 2010

Oeuvres Palindromes / Satie, Alain., 1993

Identifier: CC-02803-2846
Scope and Contents

The drawings are portaits of unidentified French writers. The palindromes, with the exception of the first one, were composed by Satie. The photographs are portraits of several Lettristes including Isou, Devaux, Sabatier and Satie. Each photograph is a reversed double image, placed one next to the other, creating a mirror image effect and thus a visual palindrome. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1993

Photos ou psychokladologie d'un Groupe / Satie, Alain; Satie A; Isou I; Lemaitre M; Sabatier R; Roehmer W., 1984

Identifier: CC-51360-72449
Scope and Contents

The first five numbered copies contain an additional two rayogrammes (one of which is held by the Sackner Archive). The pictures include portaits of Isou, Lemaitre, Sabatier, Satie, and Woodie Roehmer. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1984

Pianoforti Lettristi: Collecion F. Conz / Conz, Francesco ; Broutin GP ; Gillard JP ; Lemaitre M ; Poyet F ; Sabatier R ; Satie A ; Isou I ; Spacagna J ; Caron AC ; Bandini M ; Acquaviva F., 2007

Identifier: CC-51820-72920
Scope and Contents

This profusely illustrated catalogue documents the altered pianos comissioned by Conz from Lettrist artists. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 2007

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