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Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898



  • Existence: 1832-01-27 - 1898-01-14

Found in 48 Collections and/or Records:

The Hand of the Poet: Poems and Papers in Manuscript / Phillips, Rodney, editor ; Carroll L ; cummings ee ; Ginsberg A ; Kunitz S ; Padgett R ; Olson C ; Snyder G ; Smith WJ ; Blake W ; Kerouac J., 1997

Identifier: CC-27706-28797
Scope and Contents The two-part exhibition "The Hand of the Poet: Original Manuscripts by 100 Masters" was organized by Rodney Phillips, curator of the Berg Collection, as part of the Centennial celebration of The New York Public Library. This catalogue is based on the exhibitions which presented writers from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries with drafts, letters, diaries. photographs and memorabilia in a personal and intimate setting. An essay by Dana Gioia, "The Prado of Poetry: A History of the Berg Collection" describes the background of Dr. Albert and Dr. Henry Berg and how their collection became one of the world's primary sources for literary research on American and English writers. In a scholarly introductory essay, "The Magical Value of Manuscripts," Dana Gioia writes, "The manuscript of a literary work became more than words; it represented a direct and unmediated physical link between viewer and author - a holy relic or shamanistic fetish...The scholarly alibi of libraries that...
Dates: 1997

The Hunting of the Shark / Carroll, Lewis ; Gardner M., 1982

Identifier: CC-16781-17136
Scope and Contents

This book contains a complete facsimile of the first (1876) edition. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1982

The Joy Of Lex: How to Have Fun with 860,341,500 Words / Brandreth, Gyles ; Moran, George ; Aldridge A ; Carroll L ; Kaufman G ; Moore C ; Reed C., 1980

Identifier: CC-20997-21406
Scope and Contents

Includes chapter "Poetic Pictures," which provides examples of shaped and concrete poetry. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1980

The Library / Kopystiansky, Svetlana ; Carroll L., 1994

Identifier: CC-08113-8273
Scope and Contents

This catalogue depicts several sculptural installations composed of stacked, opened, rolled, or inter-woven books. Their visual appearance is related to a theme from a page of these books that is reproduced in the catalog. One of the pages depicting the mouse's tail is taken from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1994

The Pattern Poem / Church, Margaret; Simmias of Rhodes; Theocritus; Porphyrii PO; Forunatus V; Alcuin; Willis R; Puttenham G; Herbert G; Herrick R; Washbourne T; Crompton H; Brome A; Traherne T; Shipman T; Ayres P; Carroll L., 1944

Identifier: CC-37087-38929
Scope and Contents This is a Ph.D. thesis whose purpose was to trace the appearance of shapes in English poetry in the 16th and 17th centuries. Church found that the pattern poetry had its origins in Greek and Hindi literature. Greek literature contains six examples of pattern poetry: an axe, an egg, a pair of wings, a shepard's pipe, and two alters. Church defines Carmina Quadrata as verses that contain as many lines as each line contains letters. Within these boxlike poems are acrostics, telestichs, and many pictures and designs. The pictures are formed by either capitalizing the letters which outline the figure or by writing them in inks of various colors. Quincunx are poems arranged in oblique lines that can be read from either the upper or lower levels to make sense with either choice (p.51). Pattern poems reached the Anglo-Saxon literature in the 8th century. Alcuin of York wrote two Carmina Quadrata addressed to the cross. Hrabamus Maurus was one of Alcuin's followers. In 1573, pattern poetry...
Dates: 1944

Vera's Butterflies: First editions by Vladimir Nabokov inscribed to his wife / Nabokov, Vladimir ; Carroll L., 1999

Identifier: CC-32896-34511
Scope and Contents

The edition consisted of 1500 soft cover copies and 500 hard cover copies. This catalogue includes several biographic essays of Nabokov. The listed books carry extensive annotations and were written as association copies with other authors, or translations by Nabokov. The colored illustrations depict Nabokov's drawing of butterflies on the dedication pages to his wife, Vera. The book also brings out his scientific reputation as an expert on butterflies and his talents as an artist. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1999