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Dawn, Morgan



Morgan Dawn is a long-time fan who has been reading and writing fan fiction since her early teens. As she says herself, "I was a fan early on, I just didn't know it. Writing my own Starsky & Hutch episodes in my school notebooks seemed so very natural. Plotting out complicated adventures for Capt Kirk and Mr Spock was a given. My imagination took them (and me) everywhere."   In Dawn's late twenties, she stumbled across media fandom, and along with it slash fan fiction. From there, she began attending conventions, writing fan fiction, and moved into vidding (video editing). She helped moderate the first slash mailing list and, as electronic fandom evolved from mailing lists to blogging, helped set up and administer several online fan communities. "I don't think there hasn't been an area of my life that fandom has not touched - from creating friendships with women across the world to teaching me technical skills in web design, video editing, and desktop publishing, to allowing me a chance to stretch my wings creatively, I owe it all to the women who first thought that there was more to Capt Kirk and Mr Spock than just two guys on a spaceship."

Found in 2 Collections and/or Records:

Morgan Dawn Fanzines and Fanvids Collection

Identifier: MsC0403

Collection of fanzines and fanvids (fan-created montages of video clips from assorted media fandoms set to music) relating to numerous media fandoms, assembled by long-time fan writer and vidder Dawn.

Dates: 1964-2014

Morgan Dawn The Professionals Circuit Library and Fanzine Collection

Identifier: MsC0439

Collection of fanzines and items of fan fiction relating to the British crime drama The Professionals, including the print and digital contents of the fan-assembled 'Circuit Library'.

Dates: 1982-2010