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University of Iowa -- Publishing

Subject Source: Lcnaf: Library Of Congress Name Authority File
Scope Note: Original heading: University of Iowa Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Associates' Papers Authority ID for subdivision:

Found in 188 Collections and/or Records:

Stanley F. Redeker Papers

Identifier: RG99.0015

Stavros G. Deligiorgis Papers

Identifier: RG99.0056

Stow Persons Papers

Identifier: RG99.0104
Abstract Professor and head of the Department of History 1948-1981. Chair of Faculty Senate 1969-1970, during student protests of the Vietnam War. Correspondence and committe records.
Dates: 1943-2005

Sudhindra Bose Papers

Identifier: RG99.0147
Abstract University of Iowa lecturer in political science, specializing in Oriental politics, 1921-1945.
Dates: 1913-1940

Sydney V. James Papers

Identifier: RG99.0099

Teresa E. Christy Papers

Identifier: RG99.0292
Abstract Nursing historian and educator. Correspondence, articles, speeches.
Dates: 1961-1981

Thomas H. Roberts Papers

Identifier: RG99.0233
Abstract University of Iowa professor of education, 1940-1957. Area of research was adult education. Lectures and manuscripts.
Dates: 1948-1957

Thomas Sample Turner Papers

Identifier: RG99.0133
Abstract University of Iowa composer and professor from 1942-1982. Founder of the Theory-Composition Section of the Iowa Music Teachers Association.
Dates: 1935-1982

Vilhjalmur Stefansson Papers

Identifier: RG99.0013
Abstract Alumni, University of Iowa, class of 1903. Anthropologist and Arctic explorer. Correspondence, photographs, clippings, articles.
Dates: 1918-1986

W. Ross Livingston Papers

Identifier: RG99.0102
Abstract Professor of history at the University of Iowa from 1925 to 1962. Instrumental in acquiring British government documents for the University of Iowa Libraries. Served in the U.S. Army Eighth Air Forces in Europe during World War II and wrote a history of that unit.
Dates: 1918-1978

Walter F. Loehwing Papers

Identifier: RG99.0034
Abstract Professor of Botany, researched plant physiology.
Dates: 1920-1960

Wayne Rawley Papers

Identifier: RG99.0302

Wilber J. Teeters Papers

Identifier: RG99.0293
Abstract Professor and dean of pharmacy. Iowa state toxicologist. Correspondence regarding Mr. Teeters' eightieth birthday.
Dates: 1941-1946

Wilbur Schramm Papers

Identifier: RG99.0118
Abstract University of Iowa professor of journalism. First director of the Iowa Writers? Workshop and was instrumental in designing the first doctoral program in mass communication in the U.S.
Dates: 1936-1949

William B. Bean Papers

Identifier: RG99.0267

William D. Coder Papers

Identifier: RG99.0183

William D. Middleton Papers

Identifier: RG99.0282
Abstract Professor of Physiology, Microscopic Anatomy, Surgery, Clinical Surgery, among other medical fields. Dean of the medical faculty. Associated with the Medical Department from 1870 to 1902.
Dates: 1855-1902

William E. Coffman Papers

Identifier: RG99.0219

William G. Raymond Papers

Identifier: RG99.0252
Abstract Dean of the University of Iowa College of Engineering, 1904-1926
Dates: 1904-1929

William Hibbard Papers

Identifier: RG99.0338
Abstract University of Iowa composer, conductor, musician, and music professor. Musical scores, correspondence and other personal papers, and audio recordings.
Dates: 1957-1991