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A. I. Waste Paper Co. Ltd


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Pet Project / Dellafiora, David, editor ; A1 Waste Paper ; Burroughs WS ; Collins P ; Dellafiora D ; Jensen KF ; Smith G., 2002

Identifier: CC-39103-41042
Scope and Contents

Pet project evolved as an artwork by young gallery artists at HUB Gallery and also includes selections from the archive of Field Study International. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 2002

Ray Johnson Space / Artpool; Gutierrez-Marx G; Vigo EA; Bleus G; Fierens L; Metallic Avau; Branco J; Bruscky P; deAraujo A; Duch LF; Luis; Banana A; Cantsin M; Duquette M; Jupitter-Larsen G; Nielsen MO; Bille P; Dreyfus C; Laszlo JN; Lenoir P; Nagy P; Rabascall J; Suel L; Albrecht d; Below P; Berger M; Glasmeier M; Groh K; Mau J; Mittendorf A; Mittendorf H; Nieslony B; Olbrich JO; Schmidt A; Tot E; Bates K; Crozier R; Furnival J; Pawson M; Pilcher BE; A-1 WastePaper; Arts A; Janssen R; DeJonge K; Summers R; Attalai G; Biro J; Borocz A; Fabian I; Galantai G; Hegedus L; Swierkiewicz R; Baroni V; Cavellini GA; Danon B; Diotallevi M; Dorfles G; Giacomucci U; Gini G; Gut E; Maggi R; Mazzi I; Strada G; Trini T; Xerra W; Cohen R; Nakayama S; Shimamoto S; Shiomi M; Baik KN; Flores A; Bzdok H; Petasz P; Rypson P; Cerda J; Adlers B; Eriksson L; Fricker H; Rasdorfer JM; Stussi M; Barbot F; Box Of Water; Blurr B; Cole D; Dogfish; Evans J; Fish P; Fallico A; Frank J; Gnazzo A; Harley; Helmes S; Hendricks G; Hompson DD; Jackson L; Johnson R; Citizen Kafka; CrackerJackKid; Knowles A; Lara M; Marlowe W; McLean D; Mew T; Muntadas A; Pittore-Eurifico C; Porter B; Rahmmings K; Random S; Rocola; Spector B; Wood R; Bogdanovic N; Supek J; Szombathy B; Todorovic M., 1989

Identifier: CC-54753-990182
Scope and Contents

The verso of this poster lists mail artists and addresses country by country. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1989

TAM Rubberstamp Archive / Janssen, Ruud ; Bleus G ; Juri G ; Held Jjr ; Baroni V ; A1 Waste Paper ; Greenfield M ; Strangulensis F., 2008

Identifier: CC-48489-69518
Scope and Contents

Janssen provides an excellent history of rubberstamping as well as his own archive (1983-) in this catalogue. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 2008

The Art of the Surreal / Dellafiora, David, editor ; Hislam, Benedict, editor ; Corbett M ; A1 Waste Paper ; Bates K ; Crozier R ; Cyanobacteria ; Deisler G ; Fox M ; Putz C ; Maggi R ; Morandi E ; Strada G ; Gomez A ; Dellafiora D ; Hislam B., 1994

Identifier: CC-30534-31962
Scope and Contents

This work documents an exhibition and residency at the Fermoy Gallery that took place from May 2 to July 2, 1994, a catalogue in two parts of an international mail art show entitled "What is Surrealism?" and an Exquisite Corpse book done with students. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1994

We Multiply! / Dellafiora, David, editor ; A1 Waste Paper ; Szekely A ; Baroni V ; Baxter C ; Bennett JM ; Bibbe AM ; Bohm B ; Bos R ; Boyer D ; Collins P ; Critchley J ; Dammann M ; Dellafiora D ; Fierens L ; VanSebroeck A ; Fabryka S ; Hartigan S ; VanHorn E ; Jensen KF ; Kholopov A ; Lamanova N ; Maggi R ; Mather M ; Nakamura K ; Olbrich JO ; Osowski F ; Padin C ; Simone G ; Stetser C ; Sticker Dude ; vonZweck P ; Wyndham T ; Spurrier S ; Dystatic ; Synthetics JC., 2002

Identifier: CC-41617-43607
Scope and Contents

This work consists of an exhibition catalogue documenting and depicting multiples done by the international community of mail and stamp artists. The box consists of multiples made by HUB Gallery participants as well as other artists in the exhibition, e.g., artist and (edition size), Erica Van Horn (200), Tamara Wyndham (?), Stephen Spurrier (100), Dystatic (?), J.C. Synthetics (12), Sticker Dude (12), Michael Schonauer (500) and Benjamin Bohm (100). -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 2002

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