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Maggs Bros


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No.1242: Books from the Library of John & Myfanwy Piper Part 3 / Maggs Brothers ; Aragon L ; Barr A ; Jorn A ; Lichtenstein R ; Zhodova L ; Malevich K ; Penrose R ; Shattuck R., 1998

Identifier: CC-30723-32168
Scope and Contents

The cover designed by David Wakefield is an outstanding example of letterpress printing. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1998

No.1421: International Situations #1 / Maggs Brothers ; Basquiat JM ; Mekas J ; Breton A ; Burroughs WS ; Carroll L ; Duchamp M ; Huelsenbeck R ; Hoch H ; Lemaitre M ; Marinetti FT ; Metzger G ; Ono Y ; Paolozzi E ; Rodchenko A ; Ruscha E ; Sohm H ; Warhol A ; Ginsberg A ; Burroughs WS ; Jarry A ; Sex Pistols ; Debord G ; Kerouac J., 2013

Identifier: CC-58991-10002181
Scope and Contents

This catalogue is a selection from the counterculture selections of Maggs Brothers and includes "books, manuscripts and graphic and plastic art by and about bohemians, crazies, eccentrics, exiles, extremists, the violent, the persecuted, the mad, modernists, revolutionaries, terrorists, urban guerrillas, visionareis, and outsiders." -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 2013

No.1426: Million Volt Light-Sound Rave / Maggs Brothers ; Cobbing B., 2009

Identifier: CC-49327-70369
Scope and Contents The annotation to the originals of nine maquettes of posters by Bob Cobbing offered for sale reads as follows. The origins and progress of London's theatrical, film andpoetic avant gardes and a significant tranche of the counterculture are traceable through these unique events posters (and one pure artwork) produced by a small and obscuregroup that emerged from the unlikely setting of suburban Hendon and Finchley. Bob Cobbing was the group's guiding spirit and founder, Britain's "major exponent of concrete, visual and sound poetry" (Guardian Obituary). He almost singlehandedly started, or at least inspired, the small DIY press revolution in Britain, founding the influential Writers' Forum, the long running "And' 'zine (copies of which are available above), and revitalising the experimental poetry scene in London in the process. Cobbing grew up in Enfield in a very strict family of fundamentalist Plymouth Brethren of hardworking signwriters (Guardian Obituary). He inherited...
Dates: 2009