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Sharon Township Farm Bureau Women's Club (Johnson County, Iowa)



The Sharon Township Farm Bureau Women's Club began in 1953 as an auxiliary of the Johnson County Farm Bureau. Club women lived in rural areas of Sharon Township near the towns of Kalona, Riverside, and Iowa City. The club's bi-monthly meetings provided the township women opportunities to socialize with other rural women, to educate themselves, and to work together to provide service to their community in the form of scholarships, workdays, and fundraising.

The programming included guest speakers and demonstrations on various topics such as cooking, sewing, gardening, and agricultural life. The club worked closely with local 4-H groups and other townships nearby. Some examples of service the club provided to the community were offering scholarships, service projects, workdays, fundraising, and volunteering.

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Sharon Township Farm Bureau Women's Club (Johnson County, Iowa) records

Identifier: IWA0452

Farm Bureau women's club that provided education and services organized around farm issues.

Dates: 1953-1985