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Iowa Women's Equality Campaign



The Iowa Women's Equality Campaign (IWEC), sponsored by the Feminist Majority Foundation and the Iowa chapter of NOW, formed in 1992 to work for passage of the state ERA in Iowa. Iowa's state ERA had already been defeated once (in 1980), and the national ERA had failed to pass by the 1982 deadline. With the ERA in decline, the Feminist Majority believed that a win in Iowa would help restore the ERA to the national agenda. The Feminist Majority, therefore, provided funding and became an active partner with the ERA Iowa 1992 Coalition, which was spearheading the campaign to pass the ERA. Disagreements arose, however, which led the Feminist Majority and Iowa NOW to split off and form a separate group--the IWEC. The IWEC and the ERA Iowa 1992 Coalition maintained a good working relationship and cooperated on many aspects of the campaign. The effort ultimately failed, however, 52 percent to 48 percent. The IWEC disbanded immediately after the election in November, 1992.

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Iowa Women's Equality Campaign records

Identifier: IWA0629

The organization formed in 1992 to work for passage of the state ERA in Iowa.

Dates: 1975-1992