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Antin, Eleanor



  • Existence: 1935

Found in 22 Collections and/or Records:

Beyond Geometry: Experiments in Form, 1940's - 70's / Lynn Zelevansky, curator ; Sackner RK ; Andre C ; Antin E ; Asher M ; Baldessari J ; Barry R ; Belloli C ; Bochner M ; Burkhardt K ; Camnitzer L ; Darboven H ; DeCampos A ; DeVries H ; Dias A ; Drozdz S ; Fahlstrom O ; Goeritz M ; Gomringer E ; Gysin B ; Haacke H ; Havel V ; Hendricks B ; Horwitz C ; Huebler D ; Kawara O ; Kosuth J ; Kozlowski J ; Lamelas D ; LeWitt S ; Manzoni P ; Nauman B ; Novak L ; Oiticica H ; Opalka R ; Oppenheim D ; Paolini G ; Roehr P ; Roth D ; Ruscha E ; Schendel M ; Uecker G ; Walther F ; Weiner L ; Williams E ; Young L ; Frank P ; Nordman M ; Cage J ; Brown E ; Feldman M ; Stockhausen K ; Oliveros P ; Riley T ; Heidsieck B ; Castillejo JL ; Reich S ; Gibson J ; Anderson L ; Kubisch C ; Plessi F ; Bertoia H ; Munari B., 2004

Identifier: CC-43021-45066
Scope and Contents This exhibition was curated by Lynn Zelevansky and was shown at the Los Angeles County Art Museum in which books were lent by the Getty. The same books were lent by the Sackner Archive to the MIami Art Museum when it traveled there. Peter Frank contributed as essay entitled, "geometric literature: From Concrete Poetry to Artists' Books." Amazon Review: In the decades following World War II artists in Europe, North America, and South America began experimenting with geometric forms. Rebelling equally against the mathematical purity of earlier geometric modernism and what many saw as the emotional excesses of abstract expressionism and Art Informel, these artists emphasized three-dimensionality, the repetition of modular elements, the conceptual underpinnings of art, and the performative to engage the viewer in the creative process and achieve broader intellectual, sensual, and emotive range in their work. Beyond Geometry, which accompanies an exhibition at the Los Angeles County...
Dates: 2004

Chain Reaction / Andre C; Antin E; Brecht G; Duchamp M; Kosuth J; Ruscha E; Weiner L; Filliou R; Maciunas G; Watts R., 1995

Identifier: CC-20738-21142
Scope and Contents

Curated by Steven Leiber, the exhibition is an abbreviated survey of idea-based art. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1995

It is Almost That (Box): Found Pages From Antinova's Memoir. No.1 / Eleanor Antin., 2011

Identifier: CC-56409-9999822
Scope and Contents

The editor of this boxed series is Lisa Pearson. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 2011

Semina Culture / Duncan, Michael, editor ; McKenna, Kristine, editor ; Berman W ; Antin E ; Artaud A ; Breton A ; Burroughs WS ; Cage J ; Conner B ; Corso G ; DiPrima D ; Duchamp M ; Duncan R ; Ernst M ; Falk A ; Ferlinghetti L ; Foulkes L ; Ginsberg A ; Herms G ; Hirschman J ; Jarry A ; Jess ; Johns J ; Johnson R ; Kaufman B ; Lamantia P ; MacLow J ; Malanga G ; Mayakovsky V ; McClure M ; Meltzer D ; Olson C ; Patchen K ; Reed J ; Rosenthal R ; Sackner MA ; Sackner RK ; Schneemann C ; Williams J ; Perkoff S ; Bukowski C ; Bremser R ; Kaufman B ; Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz ; Altoon J ; Miller H., 2005

Identifier: CC-44287-46417
Scope and Contents This book was published on the occasion of the exhibition organized by the Santa Monica Museum of Art. The Sackners are mentioned in the chapter on Jack Hirschman stating that "his visual work has been extemsively collected by the Marvin and Ruth Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry in Miami Beach." Michael Duncan describes Wallace Berman as "a key under-recognized artist of his enigmatic, underground figure whose colllages and assemblages articulate an important strand of dark spirituality in postwar American culture." Descriptions and illustrated works and a biography of each member of the circle contribute an important body of work to the understanding of this group. the book also includes an in depth analysis of Semina, Wallace's journal that is "a fragmentary guidebook to alternative modes of thinking, living, and art making...based on a romantic embrace of mysticism, individualism, and domesticity." The catalogue also includes an illustrated chronology from...
Dates: 2005