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Alocco, Marcel


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Centro Tool: Ideogrammaire, Livre de Lecture. No.7/Apr / Marcel Alocco., 1971

Identifier: CC-16949-17305
Scope and Contents

This card also served as an exhibition announcement. Stored with Tool Publications. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1971

Des Ecritures en Patchwork / Alocco, Marcel, editor ; Benrman., 1987

Identifier: CC-25953-26415
Scope and Contents

Reprints articles by and on Alocco along with the Nice school of art. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1987

Fluxus Balance / Shiomi, Mieko, editor; Albrecht d; Alocco M; Andersen E; Ay-O; Berger M; Berner J; Block R; Brecht G; Brown J; Chiari G; Christiansen H; Conz F; Corner P; Donguy J; Dupuy J; Feelish W; Ferrer E; Frank P; Friedman K; Groh K; Hapgood S; Hendricks G; Hendricks J; Higgins D; Hompson DD; Hutchins A; Klintberg B; Knizak M; Knowles A; Kosugi T; Kozlowski J; Lauf C; Lucier A; Mallander J; Mayor D; Miller L; Moore B; Moore P; Oliveros P; Patterson B; Phillpot C; deRidder W; Ruhe H; Saito T; Schneemann C; Serge III; Sharits P; Shiomi M; Silverman G; Simonetti GE; Spoerri D; Tot E; Ben., 1993

Identifier: CC-44683-46848
Scope and Contents

Fluxus Balance was organized by Mieko Shiomi who sent out the following invitation: "Write down in one of the squares on the Balance what you want to balance with something which another person wants to balance. It can be either an object/s or a concept, indicating or not indicating its weight. 68 responded including Ay-O, Eric Anderson, George Brecht, Jean Brown, Philip Corner, Jean Dupuy, Esther Ferrer, Ken Friedman, Jon Hendrics, Dick Higgins, Milan Knizak, Alvin Lucier, Ben Patterson, Daniel Spoerri, Ben Vautier and Endre Tot among others. This editition comes with printed balance, 68 returned cards and weights for adjusting the balance. All are housed in an embossed cardboard portfolio. The edition consisted of 700 numbered copies but this copy is unnumbered and labeled "sample' on back cover of folder. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1993

hacia un perfil del arte latinoamericano / towards a latin american profie of art / Jorge Glusberg, curator ; Ginzburg C ; Glusberg J ; Pazos L ; Romero JC ; Alocco M ; Deisler G ; Friedman K ; Gerz J ; Groh K ; GAAG ; Higgins D ; Kostelanetz R ; Romberg O ; Valoch J ; Zabala H., 1972

Identifier: CC-54406-58045
Scope and Contents

Jorgr Glisberg invited the Group of Thirteen to exhibit at this event as well as non Argentine artists/poets. The Group of Thirteen included among others, Carlos Ginzburg, Jorge Glusberg, Luis Pazos, and Juan Carlos Romero. This exhibition also included foreign artists/poets. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1972

Internationale Visuele Poezie / Rook, curator ; Accame V ; Adamus K ; Adler J ; Alocco M ; Arias-Misson A ; Attalai G ; Belsey A ; Bentivoglio M ; Bielski A ; Bigus R ; Boumans B ; Bremer C ; Bujdoso A ; DeCampos A ; Caraballo J ; Carrion U ; Carvalho A ; Castro L ; Chobot M ; Claus CF ; Clavin H ; Crozier R ; Daligand D ; Damen H ; Dencker KP ; Depew W ; Duchene G ; Duke JH ; VanDijk P ; Elsenaar W ; Ferro L ; Figallo T ; Fisher A ; Fukada K ; Furnival J ; Garnier P ; Gibbs M ; Groh K ; Heidsieck B ; Higgins D ; Hompson DD ; Joseph P ; Kitasono K ; Klivar M ; Kocman JH ; Kostelanetz R ; Ladik K ; Lambert JC ; Lax R ; Library of Art ; Licka S ; DeRook GJ ; Liggins J ; Lora-Totino A ; Mallander J ; Mayor D ; Meijboom P ; Miccini E ; Morris S ; Montells J ; Nagy P ; Nannucci M ; Niccolai G ; Novak L ; Oberto A ; Oberto M ; Pi O ; Ockerse T ; Ori L ; Osti M ; Padin C ; Partum A ; Phillips MJ ; Piemontese A ; Pignotti L ; Plaza J ; Porter B ; Radin B ; Riddell A ; DeSa A ; DeSa N ; Sandri G ; Sarenco ; Schauffelen KB ; Schmidt SJ ; Schmidt W ; LeSidaner JM ; Sky A ; Solt ME ; Summers R ; Szombathy B ; Tarnman I ; Todorovic M ; Takahashi S ; Tot E ; Toth G ; Tress H ; Troostwyk D ; Ulrichs T ; Vigo EA ; DeVree P ; DeVries H ; Vroom I ; Wiater M ; Wojnar J ; Xerra W ; Zabala H ; Zurbrugg N., 1975

Identifier: CC-37206-39050

Peinture en Patchwork / Alocco, Marcel., 1979

Identifier: CC-25954-26416
Scope and Contents

Edited by Raphael Monticelli. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1979

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