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Tzara, Tristan, 1896-1963



  • Existence: 1896 - 1963

Found in 96 Collections and/or Records:

Nothing Personal: Heteroglossics / Troendle, Yves ; Tzara T ; Nations O ; McLuhan M., 1999

Identifier: CC-32981-34601
Scope and Contents

Troendle's notes on the back inside cover indicate the sources of the prose and poetry. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1999

Oberdada / Baader, Johannes ; Riha K ; Hausmann R ; Tzara T ; Baader J., 1977

Identifier: CC-21466-21877
Scope and Contents

Edited by Hanne Bergius, Norbert Miller and Karl Riha. Cover of issue one of "Der Dada" by Baader and R. Hausmann, held by the Sackner Archive is reproduced. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1977

Pleute glotz Euch an restlos - Dada; Ubi DADA, ibi bene / Bergius, Hanne, editor ; Reese, Harry ; Arp H ; Baader J ; Ball H ; Ernst M ; Grosz G ; Hausmann R ; Huelsenbeck R ; Mehring W ; Ray M ; Schwitters K ; Tzara T., 1992

Identifier: CC-23933-24381
Scope and Contents

This is designated No.25 in the series, Werkzeichnis. It contains prints with dada texts reinterpreted with contemporary typography by the press. There are three abstract expressionistic paintings on paper included in this work which were done by Harry Reese (Turkey Press, Santa Barbara, California). The soft cover book by Hanne Bergius, subtitled "Yes to the gigantic world-nonsence," is an essay on the definition of Dada. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1992

reading visual poetry / Bohn, Willard ; Albert-Birot P ; Cansinos-Asens R ; deTorre G ; Huidobro V ; Bauitista J ; delVando-Vilar I ; Raida P ; Nimero A ; Vighi F ; Quintanilla L ; Novo S ; Gonzalez deMendoza JM ; Frias JD ; Hidalgo A ; Girondo O ; Tzara T ; Breton A ; Scurto I ; Masnata P ; Crali T ; DeCampos A ; DeCampos H ; Pignatari D ; Grunewald JL ; Kac E ; Sackner MA ; Sackner RK ; Puche E ; Apollinaire G., 2011

Identifier: CC-52069-73171
Scope and Contents It should be noted that Bohn does not differentiate concrete poetry (words only in Sackner's definition) from visual poetry (integrated words and images in Sackner's definitions). Bohn also includes a chapter on digital poetry. The back cover reads the following. "Visual poetry can be defined as poetry that is meant to be seen. Combining painting and poetry, it attempts to synthesize the principles underlying each discipline. Visual poems are immediately recognizable by their refusal to adhere to a rectilinear grid and by their tendency to flout their plasticity. In contrast to traditional poetry, they are conceived not only as literary works but also as works of art. Although they continue to provide visual cues that aid in deciphering the text, they function simultaneously as visual compositions. Whether the visual elements form a rudimentary pattern or whether they constitute a highly sophisticated design, they transform the poem into a picture. Reading Visual Poetry examines...
Dates: 2011

Sea Urchin Harakiri / Bador, Bernard ; Clayton Eshleman, translator ; Tzara T ; Eluard P., 1986

Identifier: CC-21962-22374
Scope and Contents

Introduction by Clayton Eshleman. Postface by Robert Kelly. Collage by Bernard Bador. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1986