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Arman, 1928-2005


Found in 44 Collections and/or Records:

Homage A Pavlov / Bory, Jean-Francois; Tinguely J; Arman; Cesar; Christo; Duchamp M; Ben; Boltanski C; Segal G; Spoerri D; Malevich K., 1972

Identifier: CC-21273-21683
Scope and Contents

Each line of J. Bory's poem refers to an artist by name and makes reference to a major attribute or aspect of his art. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1972

Le Traite du Violon / Roche, Maurice ; Arman., 1982

Identifier: CC-51102-72184
Scope and Contents

The texts on each right facing page are by Maurice Roche and are printed wthin an outline drawing of an upside-down violin. The varying lithographs and original engravings of violins are by Arman and are printed on the left facing pages. This is the second edition, the first consisted 93 copies of signed lithographs and gravures by Arman. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1982

Peter Roehr / Roehr, Peter ; Rudi H. Fuchs, curator ; Paul Maenz, curator ; Arman ; Manzoni P ; Warhol A ; Stella F ; Martin A ; LeWitt S ; Judd D ; Andre C., 1977

Identifier: CC-59650-50188
Scope and Contents Wikipedia: Peter Roehr (1944-1968) was a German minimalist painter and object artist who died of lymphoma.Roehr made with industrially produced elements or printed motifs in serial sequence usually square image panels. This addition each of the same motives that any subjectivity fades, attention is directed to the individual repetierten parts, on the applied principle of order, as directed on the resulting bulk form. The artist chose motifs in a well-defined size and number, so that a new formal unit was created. The materials chosen to bring prototypically the stereotypes of mass society expressed: Post stickers like Quick shipment or write-posting list are included as well as motif excerpts from the Illustrated advertising , book labels, price labels, beer cap with the design of the Henninger Tower or square school slate tables and round plastic lenses. His typographic progressions he presented with mechanical rakes - and typewriters ago (addition strip ST-9, 1962) and is here to...
Dates: 1977

Pop Impressions: Europe/USA / Arman ; Baj E ; Blake P ; Brehmer KP ; Christo ; Dine J ; Equipo Cronica ; Fahlstrom O ; Hamilton R ; Indiana R ; Johns J ; Laing G ; Lichtenstein R ; Oldenburg C ; Paolozzi E ; Rauschenberg R ; Rotella M ; Roth D ; Ruscha E ; Segal G ; Self C ; Smith R ; Spoerri D ; Tilson J ; Vostell W ; Warhol A., 1999

Identifier: CC-32219-33774
Scope and Contents This exhibition, curated by Wendy Weitman, consists of prints and multiples from the collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Weitman contributes an essay. "Printmaking in the Pop Era: The Medium amd the Message." The catalogue is divided into the following sections: Proto-Pop; Mass Media; Consumer Culture; Politics; Erotica. It contains a chronology from the years 1960 to 1970 of Pop Printmaking, Pop Art, and Politics/Popular Culture. There are extensive notes on the artists, art works and publishers as well as a selected bibliography. The relevance of Pop Art is examined by Colin Self who writes, " Pop Art was the first art movement for goodness knows how long to accept and reflect the world in which it lives...In other words, there is a conspicuous absence of 20th century iconogrpahy in 20th century art - until Pop Art. Before POP all ART hid behind being 'ARTY.' Art had reached such a state of insincerity and pretentiousness, POP was a real revelation." Illustrated and contained...
Dates: 1999

Retrospective / Stubbing, N.H. (Tony) ; Klein Y ; Tapie M ; Arman ; Goeritz M ; Hobbs R., 2000

Identifier: CC-34984-36703
Scope and Contents

According to his widow, Stubbing composed concrete poems in the late forties and early fifties both in English and Spanish. However, he is best known for his palm print abstract paintings. He might have became influenced in concrete poetry by Mathias Goeritz with whom he knew in the School of Altamura, Spain in 1949-1950. However, Goeritz's concrete poetry was published over a decade later from the Spanish experience. An original concrete poetic collage and typing "Poema Vociferado" c.1949 is held by the Sackner Archive. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 2000

Serielle Formationen / Andre C ; Arman ; Haacke H ; Henderikse J ; Kolar J ; Lenk T ; LeWitt S ; Manzoni P ; Roehr P ; DeVries H ; Schmidt W ; Uecker G ; Warhol A ; Roth D ; Lueg K., 1967

Identifier: CC-38072-39962
Scope and Contents

This book includes two offset prints by Peter Roehr and Herman de Vries as well as other multiples by less known artists. The exhibition was organized by Peter Roehr and Paul Maenz. Each copy is unique as each is printed on a different sheet of commercially designed, rubberized plastic. Karl Lueg who contributed to this exhibition later changed his name to Karl Fischer and became an art dealer. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1967