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Marx, Graciela Gutiérrez




Found in 14 Collections and/or Records:

11x30. No.2 / Gutierrez-Marx G ; Lipman J ; Padin C., 1992

Identifier: CC-13443-13745
Scope and Contents

Edited by Joel Lipman. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1992

Five Letters from Ray Johnson, International Project of Correspondence Art (Fejer Megyei Muvelodesi Kozpont Kiallitoterme) / Gutierrez-Marx G ; Vigo EA ; Bleus G ; Fierens L ; Metallic Avau ; Branco J ; Bruscky P ; deAraujo A ; Duch LF ; Luis ; Magalhaes A ; Banana A ; Cantsin M ; Duquette M ; Jupitter-Larsen G ; Muhleck G ; Nielsen O ; Bille P ; Corfou M ; Laszlo JN ; Dana L ; Nagy P ; Rabascall J ; Suel L ; Deisler G ; Jacob S ; Zielke H ; Albrecht d ; Below P ; Berger M ; Frieslaender PLG ; Glasmeier M ; Groh K ; Mau J ; Mittendorf A ; Mittendorf H ; Nieslony B ; Olbrich JO ; Perneczky G ; Schmidt A ; Tot E ; Bates K ; Crozier R ; Furnival J ; Pawson M ; Pilcher BE ; A1 Waste Paper ; Arts A ; DeGrott J ; Janssen R ; Summers R ; Attalai G ; Biro J ; Fabian I ; Galantai G ; Hegedus L ; Kiss I ; Koppany M ; Swierkiewicz R ; Baroni V ; Cavellini GA ; Danon B ; Diotallevi M ; Giacomucci U ; Gini G ; Gut E ; Maggi R ; Morandi E ; Roncoroni M ; Strada G ; Xerra W ; Cohen R ; Shimamoto S ; Shiomi M ; Baik KN ; Flores A ; Bzdok H ; Petasz P ; Rypson P ; Cerda J ; Adlers B ; Eriksson L ; Fricker H ; Rasdorfer JM ; Stussi M ; Barbot F ; Bennett JM ; Bloch M ; Box Of Water ; Blurr B ; Colby S ; Cole D ; Dogfish ; Fallico A ; Fish P ; Harley ; Held Jjr ; Helmes S ; Hendricks G ; Hompson DD ; Jackson L ; Johnson R ; Citizen Kafka ; CrackerJackKid ; Lara M ; Mew T ; Muntadas A ; Pittore-Eurifico C ; Porter B ; Rahmmings K ; Random S ; Rocola R ; Spector B ; Stanley R ; Bogdanovic N ; Supek J ; Szombathy B ; Todorovic M., 1989

Identifier: CC-47917-68939

Mamablanca's Treasure / Gutierrez-Marx, Graciela., 1982

Identifier: CC-61918-54558
Scope and Contents

The poster prints a list and addressess of Mail Artists, presumably Marx's treasures. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1982

Private World / Gutierrez-Marx G ; Bleus G ; Bruscky P ; Luis ; Deisler G ; Sevcik P ; Rehfeldt R ; Bille P ; Lenoir P ; Diotallevi M ; Lora-Totino A ; Cohen R ; Kamperelic R ; Stake C ; Petasz P ; Groh K ; Cole D ; Dogfish ; Minoy ; Padin C ; Arts A ; Baroni V., 1987

Identifier: CC-04883-4980
Scope and Contents

This is the 2nd edition of catalog for exhibition curated by Andrej Tisma. The latter provides an excellent historic introduction to mail art for this exhibition which was initiated in 1984. It consisted of participants from 32 countries. Tisma selec the theme because "...nature of mail-art as an art of communication, correspondence, something which issues from the artist's intimate experience and which enters another person" & "...private life of man is becoming increasingly problematic." -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1987

Ray Johnson Space / Artpool; Gutierrez-Marx G; Vigo EA; Bleus G; Fierens L; Metallic Avau; Branco J; Bruscky P; deAraujo A; Duch LF; Luis; Banana A; Cantsin M; Duquette M; Jupitter-Larsen G; Nielsen MO; Bille P; Dreyfus C; Laszlo JN; Lenoir P; Nagy P; Rabascall J; Suel L; Albrecht d; Below P; Berger M; Glasmeier M; Groh K; Mau J; Mittendorf A; Mittendorf H; Nieslony B; Olbrich JO; Schmidt A; Tot E; Bates K; Crozier R; Furnival J; Pawson M; Pilcher BE; A-1 WastePaper; Arts A; Janssen R; DeJonge K; Summers R; Attalai G; Biro J; Borocz A; Fabian I; Galantai G; Hegedus L; Swierkiewicz R; Baroni V; Cavellini GA; Danon B; Diotallevi M; Dorfles G; Giacomucci U; Gini G; Gut E; Maggi R; Mazzi I; Strada G; Trini T; Xerra W; Cohen R; Nakayama S; Shimamoto S; Shiomi M; Baik KN; Flores A; Bzdok H; Petasz P; Rypson P; Cerda J; Adlers B; Eriksson L; Fricker H; Rasdorfer JM; Stussi M; Barbot F; Box Of Water; Blurr B; Cole D; Dogfish; Evans J; Fish P; Fallico A; Frank J; Gnazzo A; Harley; Helmes S; Hendricks G; Hompson DD; Jackson L; Johnson R; Citizen Kafka; CrackerJackKid; Knowles A; Lara M; Marlowe W; McLean D; Mew T; Muntadas A; Pittore-Eurifico C; Porter B; Rahmmings K; Random S; Rocola; Spector B; Wood R; Bogdanovic N; Supek J; Szombathy B; Todorovic M., 1989

Identifier: CC-54753-990182
Scope and Contents

The verso of this poster lists mail artists and addresses country by country. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1989