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Carrión, Ulises, 1941-1989



  • Existence: 1941-01-29-1989-09- - 1989

Found in 75 Collections and/or Records:

Rubber: Rubber Stamps Theory and Praxis. No.6/Jun / Ulises Carrion., 1978

Identifier: CC-03667-3732
Scope and Contents

Carrion provides explanations as to the reasons artists use rubber stamps. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1978

Sonnet(s) / Carrion, Ulises., 1972

Identifier: CC-16770-17125
Scope and Contents

Carrion takes the same poem, alters it slightly, and provides a new title describing the alteration, viz, Capital Sonnet, Underlined Sonnet, Famous Sonnet etc. This is the author's first book. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1972

Stampa Newspaper, The. No.1/unfinished / Ulises Carrion, Aart van Barneveld, editors ; Szombathy B ; Patella L ; Bleus G ; Stiles K ; Held Jjr ; Olbrich JO ; Groh K ; Goulart C ; Flores A., 1980 - 1981

Identifier: CC-59705-10002763
Scope and Contents

Stored in "Rubber" periodical box. According to Johan Deumaens who sold this work to the Sackners, this is an undinished copy of a newspaper with three of the pages blank with the intent to rubberstamp them but never completed. An unidentified artist book (white bird) was included in the purchase. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1980 - 1981

Text Sound Image - Small Press Festival / Schraenen, Guy, editor ; Schraenen, Anne, editor ; Below P ; Carrion U ; Chopin H ; Cook G ; Gibbs M ; Groh K ; Kostelanetz R ; Mayor D ; Padin C ; DeRook GJ ; Swidzinski J ; DeVree P ; Zurbrugg N., 1976

Identifier: CC-28516-29795
Scope and Contents

This catalogue provides a bibliographic listing of books, records, and postcards from the contemporary small press scene. Brief comments on this aspect of verbal/visual art are offered by the contributors. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1976

Traveling Exposition / VanBeveren P ; Buchwalder E ; Carrion U ; Cavellini GA ; Albrecht d ; Druks M ; Gibbs M ; Groh K ; Nannucci M ; Summers R ; Urban N., 1975

Identifier: CC-34001-35677
Scope and Contents

Although most of the participants in this exhibition are associated with the mail art network and visual poetry, the artworks in this exhibition are mostly visual. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1975

Verzamelde Werken; Een Hommage aan Ulises Carrion / Moeglin-Delcroix A ; Bleus G ; Finlay IH ; Kocman JH ; Carrion U ; Hofstra S ; Waanders H., 1992

Identifier: CC-00795-814
Scope and Contents

This exhibition was curated by John Deumans. Anne Moeglin-Delcroix contributed an essay on contemporary artist-collectors. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1992

Work in Progress / Lara, Mario, editor ; Ackerman A ; Banana A ; Baroni V ; Carrion U ; Cleveland B ; Crozier R ; Gaglione B ; Groh K ; Hompson DD ; Spiegelman L ; Dogmatic I ; Tavenner P ; Higgins EF-III ; Ott S ; Cantsin M ; Bzdok H ; Hitchcock S ; Schmidt A., 1979

Identifier: CC-35675-37425
Scope and Contents

Lara placed an image on the left side of a page of a dentist working on a child. The contributing artists added unique material to the right side of the page and sometimes altered Lara's image. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1979