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Fans (Persons)

Subject Source: Lcsh: Library Of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Original heading: Fandom-Related Collections

Found in 27 Collections and/or Records:

Barbara Presgrove Fanzine Collection

Identifier: MsC1131
Scope and Contents


Dates: Second half of the twentieth century

Brian Knapp Zines Collection

Identifier: MsC0294

Collection of fanzines and science fiction convention materials from Connecticut-based fan Knapp, mostly dealing with Star Trek but including other media properties as well.

Dates: 1972-2003

Celeste Hotaling-Lyons Fanzine Collection

Identifier: MsC0400

Fan writer and editor. A collection of science fiction fanzines, primarily consisting of pieces of fan fiction, and a few related items, including some science fiction convention materials. Collection of fanzines, encompassing a number of different fandoms, assembled by fan writer and editor Hotaling-Lyons.

Dates: 1974-2005

Debbie Hoover Fanzine Collection

Identifier: MsC0430

Oregon-based fan and collector of fanzines. Collection of fanzines - mostly fan fiction -, mainly from Star Trek but also for other SF and genre media properties.

Dates: 1967-2007

Deidre Johnson Media Fandom Materials Collection

Identifier: MsC0960

The Deidre Johnson Media Fandom Materials has a collecting emphasis on the television series Battlestar Galactica.

Dates: 1963-2011

Dr. Richard Caplan Sherlock Holmes Collection

Identifier: MsC1154
Content Description

The Dr. Richard Caplan Sherlock Holmes Collection consists of publications, ephemera, and a variety of artifacts collected throughout Caplan's lifetime as an avid Sherlock Holmes enthusiast. Some materials included in the collection are club journals and magazines, convention stationery, board games, magnifying glasses, smoking pipes, deerstalker hats, and an umbrella and cane, both with a sculpture of Sherlock Holmes for the handles.

Dates: Majority of material found within 1970 - 2019

Gertrude M. Carr Papers

Identifier: MsC0865

Noted science fiction fan and fanzine editor from Seattle, Washington. Correspondence, together with some additional ephemera.

Dates: 1947-1981

Janet Essency Collection

Identifier: MsC1245

Fanzines and fan newsletters for a variety of media, with a large focus on Doctor Who and Blake's 7.

Dates: 1984 - 2012

Joan Marie Verba Star Trek Collection, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Collection

Identifier: MsC1085

This collection is comprised of Star Trek fandom materials, various SFF fandom materials, and original writing by Joan Marie Verba.

Dates: 1960s-2010s; Majority of material found in 1970s-1990s

L. Falcon Media Fandom Collection

Identifier: MsC1108
Abstract This collection represents the assemblage of fanzines, works of fan fiction and fan art, and scripts ranging from the 1960s to the 2000s. Compiled by L. Falcon, the media fandoms include Blake's 7, Shadow Chasers, Star Trek, Star Wars, Rat Patrol, Fantastic Journey, Man from U.N.C.L.E., War of the Worlds, Doctor Who, and several others. There is a particular interest in Shadow Chasers, as the collection contains iterations of TV episode scripts, clippings pertaining to the actors, and playbills from stage productions in which they performed. More general categories include Multifandom, which includes zines or anthologies of stories encompassing multiple fandoms; and Crossover, which describes stories in which characters and universes from different fandoms encounter each other.The collection consists mainly of zines and works of fan fiction, supplemented by official magazines, fan art, convention material, scripts, calenders, playbills, A/V material, clippings, and...
Dates: 1967-2010

Laura Leach Collection of Man From U.N.C.L.E. Fanzines

Identifier: MsC0910

Collection of fanzines (primarily fan fiction) and other materials, including episode scripts, devoted to the 1960s cult television show The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Dates: 1964-2006

Lynda Mendoza Collection of David McCallum Memorabilia

Identifier: MsC0895

Collection of materials related to the actor David McCallum, assembled by the president of his official fan club. Materials include books, posters, ephemera, photographs, audio and visual recordings, and other items.

Dates: 1952-2006

M. Horvat Genre Apazines Collection

Identifier: MsC0825

A collection of science fiction, fantasy, mystery and other genre apazines (publications similar to newsletters or fanzines, and published by fan groups called Amateur Press Associations, or apas).

Dates: 1943-2002

M. Horvat National Fantasy Fan Federation Collection

Identifier: MsC0886

Collection of materials from the National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F), a major and venerable SF fannish organization. Materials include administrative documents, publications, and records from N3F subsidiary bodies.

Dates: 1942-2008

M. Horvat Science Fiction Convention Materials Collection

Identifier: MsC0884

Materials produced for or relating to numerous science fiction conventions, including progress reports, advertisements, newsletters, and assorted ephemera.

Dates: 1943-2000

M. Horvat Science Fiction Fanzines Collection

Identifier: MsC0791

A large collection, stretching across most of the 20th century, of science fiction fanzines.

Dates: 1925-2002

Mariellen (Ming) Wathne Fanzine Archives Collection

Identifier: MsC0313

Large assemblage of fanzines and works of fan fiction relating to multiple media fandoms, including Star Trek, Star Wars, and other movies and television shows. Contains fanzines and fanfiction relating to various SF media properties, including Star Wars and Star Trek.

Dates: 1966-2005

Mary Jennara Wenk Star Trek Collection

Identifier: MsC1031

Creations from the Star Trek and Star Wars fandoms of the 1970s and 1980s, with some material as early as 1966 and as recent as 2016 (the Star Trek 50th Anniversary). Comprised of zines, fanart, fan correspondence, convention materials, and 3D-objects, including but not limited to handmade dolls and fake Vulcan ears.

Dates: 1967 - 1989

Morgan Dawn Fanzines and Fanvids Collection

Identifier: MsC0403

Collection of fanzines and fanvids (fan-created montages of video clips from assorted media fandoms set to music) relating to numerous media fandoms, assembled by long-time fan writer and vidder Dawn.

Dates: 1964-2014

Morgan Dawn The Professionals Circuit Library and Fanzine Collection

Identifier: MsC0439

Collection of fanzines and items of fan fiction relating to the British crime drama The Professionals, including the print and digital contents of the fan-assembled 'Circuit Library'.

Dates: 1982-2010