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Political poetry

Subject Source: Sackner Database

Found in 1442 Collections and/or Records:

ZONG! / Philip, M. NourbeSe., 2008

Identifier: CC-52540-73669
Scope and Contents Wikepedia: The Zong Massacre was a mass-killing of African slaves that took place on November 29th, 1781, on the Zong, a British slave ship owned by James Gregson and colleagues in a Liverpool slave-trading firm. The resulting court case, brought as a civil action by the ship-owners seeking compensation from the insurers for the slave-traders' lost "cargo", was a landmark in the battle against the African slave trade of the eighteenth century. The term "Zong Massacre" was not universally used at the time. It was usually called "The Zong Affair," the term "massacre" being used mainly by those considered to be "dangerous radicals," as late eighteenth-century politics stood. At the time, the killing of slaves"”individually or en masse"”was not considered to be murder, at least legally. In English law, the act was completely legal and could be freely admitted to the highest court in the land, without danger of prosecution.The publicity over this case was, however, one of the factors...
Dates: 2008