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Andre, Carl, 1935-



  • Existence: 1935-09-16-

Found in 236 Collections and/or Records:

The Best of Wim T. Schippers / Ruhe, Harry ; Duchamp M ; Andre C ; Higgins D ; Maciunas G., 1997

Identifier: CC-29951-31342
Scope and Contents

This book is the catalogue for the retrospective exhibition for Schippers in the Centraal Museum, Spring 1997. It includes documentary material of his Fluxus works, publications, radio shows and performances. Overlaping texts were printed in red (Flemish) and green (English) such that the opposite colored acetate sheet must be placed over the text in order for the selected language to be solely rendered visible. The envelope contains small paper reproductions of Schippers' works from the book. The presentation of text and images in this book that depend upon superimposition of colored acetate sheets is uncommon - this is the only book in the Archive so produced. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1997

The Colour of Everything / Heart Fine Art ; Aragon L ; Andre C ; Artaud A ; Audiberti J ; Breton A ; Eluard P ; Jorn A ; Peret B ; Acconci V ; Art & Language ; Beuys J ; Buren D ; Darboven H ; Garnier P ; Knizak M ; Kosuth J ; Nauman B ; Ruscha E ; Weiner L., 2002

Identifier: CC-38887-40813
Scope and Contents

Consists of 2 lists: part 1 - Apparently the Known Universe Is Not in Turquoise after All and part 2 - In Fact the Cosmorama is Clothed in Beige. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 2002

The Initial Alphabet / Ferguson, Gerald ; LeWitt S ; Huebler D ; Andre C ; Williams E ; Siegelaub S., 1994

Identifier: CC-54832-990262
Scope and Contents

The letters of the typings in this exhibition made with an IBM Selectric electrical typewriter were done in lowercase Letter Gothic font. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1994

Things in their Elements by Alistair Rider / Andre, Carl ; Stella F ; Frampton H ; Smithson R., 2011

Identifier: CC-52926-74066
Scope and Contents Carl Andre (born 1935), the American minimalist artist, is perhaps best known for his grid-based floor sculptures but also for large, outdoor public artworks and small sculptures, poetry and installations. Alistair Rider here shows that it is the materials that he uses to make his works that inspire him - from his controversial bricks to all sorts of metals, found wood, even hay bales, Andre is fascinated by what materials make up the world and presents them for contemplation. Andre's early wood sculptures show the influence of Brancusi, who he had met through their mutual friend Hollis Frampton when a student in the early 1950s. Then towards the end of that decade he shared a studio with Frank Stella and their conversations led to rapid development in his work, when he began using a radial saw to shape his sculptures. Between 1960-4 Andre worked as freight brakeman and conductor in New Jersey for the Pennsylvania Railroad, and focused mainly on writing, including his...
Dates: 2011

untitled / Andre, Carl., 1976

Identifier: CC-51209-72297
Scope and Contents

This in one of several rubberstamped prints published as a series by Parisol Press. Andre rubberstamped the number 0220 on the blank paper. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1976

Untitled / Andre, Carl., 1993

Identifier: CC-58990-10002180
Scope and Contents

The verso depicts 37 and 1/2 rows of seven typed periods. -- Source of annotation: Marvin or Ruth Sackner.

Dates: 1993

[Untitled] / Wien, Barbara ; Boetti A ; Allen R ; Andre C ; Anselmo G ; Appelbroog I ; Arakawa ; Nitsch H ; Arman ; Arp H ; Lissitzky E ; Wolfli A ; Baldessari J ; Barry R ; Beuys J ; Paik NJ ; Bohmler C ; Boltanski C ; Brecht G ; Martin H ; Brehmer KP ; Broodthaers M ; Brouwn S ; Brus G ; Burkhardt K ; Byars JL ; Cage J ; Cahun C ; Chopin H ; Darboven H ; Dotremont C ; Duchamp M ; Leiber S ; Feldmann HP ; Feldman M ; Feyrer G ; Filliou R ; Williams E ; Finlay IH ; Hendricks J ; Maciunas G ; Gappmayr H ; General Idea ; Gerz J ; Gette PA ; Gilbert & George ; Graham D ; Gysin B ; Haacke H ; Hamilton R ; Heidsieck B ; Higgins D ; Hiller S ; Hoch H ; Holzer J ; Hutchins A ; Iannone D ; Jaschke G ; Johnson R ; Kabakov I ; Kaprow A ; Kawara O ; Kelley M ; Kirkeby P ; Klucis G ; Kopcke A ; Koller J ; Kosuth J ; LeWitt S ; Long R ; Manzoni P ; Matta-Clark G ; Merz M ; Messager A ; Minkoff G ; Monk J ; Mullican M ; Neshat S ; Noble P ; Obrist HU ; Oldenburg C ; Ono Y ; Parmiggiani C ; Penck A ; Pettibon R ; Phillips T ; Porter B ; Price R ; Roehr P ; Rosler M ; Roth D ; Ruhm G ; Ruppersberg A ; Ruscha E ; Schmit T ; Schneemann C ; Schon EM ; Bauermeister M ; Spoerri D ; Stein G ; Thomkins A ; Tippel A ; Tuttle R ; Ben ; Voss J ; Warhol A ; Weiner L ; Wiegand S ; Wiener O ; Willats S ; Zurn U ; Gosewitz L., 2004

Identifier: CC-43468-45532

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