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Sean Stewart Zines

Identifier: msc0353

Collection of zines dealing with a wide variety of subjects, themes, and creative styles, collected by a Baltimore-based zine writer, editor and reviewer.

Dates: 1986-2009

Sarah and Jen Wolfe Zines

Identifier: msc0878

Collection of amateur publications primarily from the feminist riot grrrl movement of the 1990s, together with numerous zines documenting various independent/underground music scenes.

Dates: 1991-2003

Brent Johnson Iowa Killed Buddy Holly Small Press and Zine Shop Collection

Identifier: msc0319

Collection of zines and other small press publications assembled by Johnson, an Iowa City native who operated the Iowa Killed Buddy Holly Small Press and Zine Shop in Iowa City. Many of the zines are authored/created by Iowa City or Iowa natives.

Dates: 1990-2007

Public Space ONE Zine Collection

Identifier: msc0370

Collection of zines donated by Iowa City-based art and performance venue Public Space ONE. Many zines relate to anarchist or radical politics, and many zines are from Iowa City-area authors.

Dates: 1977-2008

Zines and Fanzines Collection

Identifier: msc0331
Scope and Contents

The Fanzines Collection consists of numerous zines acquired by Special Collections at various times and which are not attached to a particular donor or otherwise dedicated collection. This collection is, in a sense, the equivalent of a general materials collection in a library.

The zines in this collection constitute a wide variety of subjects and concerns. Many are perzines, that is, "personal" zines that describe the author's own experiences, thoughts and feelings. Others are anthologies of stories or poetry, or consist of comic or other types of art. Still other zines are designed as outlets for political or social expression. Many zines encompass more than one type or style, reflecting the fluidity of the zine as a product of creative endeavor.

This collection was previously known as the Floating Zine Collection.

Dates: 1995-2015

Zines Created for Classes or Events

Identifier: msc0997

Zines created for classes or events, starting in 2012

Dates: 2012-

Culinary Zines

Identifier: msc0983

Various culinary zines or cookzines.

Dates: 2000-

Bergus Zine Collection

Identifier: msc0834

Zines collected by Nick and Laura Bergus documenting avant garde and popular music in the 1980s and 1990s.

Dates: 1978-2011; 1978-2002

Zine Machine Collection

 Collection — other: Box 1
Identifier: msc0885

Collection of zines taken from the Zine Machine, a repurposed vending machine in the University of Iowa Main Library that distributes zines to interested parties. Many of the zines are local to Iowa City in origin.

Dates: 2001-2009; Other: Date acquired: 2008-11-01

Cody Gieselman Zine Collection

Identifier: msc0978

Appelstein Fanzine Collection

Identifier: msc0968


Dates: 1984-2010

Jen Wolfe Comic Book Collection

Identifier: msc0879

Collection of comic books that mostly feature major female characters, are written and drawn by female artists, and/or chronicle stories of traditionally female interest, such as romance comics.

Dates: 1948-2006

ATCA Periodicals and Zines Collection

Identifier: msc0779

This ATCA collection brings together journals, newspapers, zines, and similar formal and informal periodicals that are art-related or have artistic merit. The range of subjects is broad and include political and cultural issues, gender and sexuality questions, as well as music, film, poetry, and religion.

Dates: 1960-2003; 1980-1995

Brian Knapp Zines Collection

Identifier: msc0294

Collection of fanzines and science fiction convention materials from Connecticut-based fan Knapp, mostly dealing with Star Trek but including other media properties as well.

Dates: 1972-2003

Erik Farseth Zine Collection

Identifier: msc1002

Twentieth century zines.

Dates: Publication: 1970-2011

Joshua Glenn Zine Collection

Identifier: msc0975

L. Falcon Media Fandom Collection

Identifier: msc1108
Abstract This collection represents the assemblage of fanzines, works of fan fiction and fan art, and scripts ranging from the 1960s to the 2000s. Compiled by L. Falcon, the media fandoms include Blake's 7, Shadow Chasers, Star Trek, Star Wars, Rat Patrol, Fantastic Journey, Man from U.N.C.L.E., War of the Worlds, Doctor Who, and several others. There is a particular interest in Shadow Chasers, as the collection contains iterations of TV episode scripts, clippings pertaining to the actors, and playbills from stage productions in which they performed. More general categories include Multifandom, which includes zines or anthologies of stories encompassing multiple fandoms; and Crossover, which describes stories in which characters and universes from different fandoms encounter each other.The collection consists mainly of zines and works of fan fiction, supplemented by official magazines, fan art, convention material, scripts, calenders, playbills, A/V material, clippings, and...
Dates: 1967 - 2010

Latin American Fanzine Collection

Identifier: msc0993

Latin American fanzines

Dates: -

Mariellen (Ming) Wathne Fanzine Archives Collection

Identifier: msc0313

Large assemblage of fanzines and works of fan fiction relating to multiple media fandoms, including Star Trek, Star Wars, and other movies and television shows. Contains fanzines and fanfiction relating to various SF media properties, including Star Wars and Star Trek.

Dates: 1966-2005

Celeste Hotaling-Lyons Fanzine Collection

Identifier: msc0400

Fan writer and editor. A collection of science fiction fanzines, primarily consisting of pieces of fan fiction, and a few related items, including some science fiction convention materials. Collection of fanzines, encompassing a number of different fandoms, assembled by fan writer and editor Hotaling-Lyons.

Dates: 1974-2005

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Concrete poetry 3
Correspondence 3
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Amateur journalism 2
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Cultural artifacts 2
Fanzines 2
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Neo-Dada 2
Reference text 2
Science fiction 2
Science fiction fans 2
Sexual minorities 2
Transgender people 2
1971-1980 1
1981-1990 1
1991-2000 1
Abstract markings 1
Administrative records 1
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Assembling 1
Cancelled text 1
Cartoon 1
Conventional poetry 1
Critical text 1
English literature 1
Fantastic art 1
Feminists 1
Love letters 1
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Medical care 1
Nineteen Nineties 1
Nineteen eighties 1
Performance Artists 1
Performance art 1
Periodicals 1
Personal papers 1
Photograph albums 1
Posters 1
Pro-choice movement 1
Pro-life movement 1
Rebus 1
Scrapbooks 1
Sex-oriented businesses 1
Shaped poetry 1
Star trek (Television program) 1
Surrealism 1
Video recordings 1
Visual art 1
Visual poetry 1
Women Performance Artists 1
Women Performance Artists--United States 1
Women's health services 1
Women's rights 1
Women-owned business enterprises 1
World War, 1939-1945 1
publications (documents) 1
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English 56
Spanish; Castilian 3
Banana, Anna, 1940- 3
And, Miekal 2
Dawn, Morgan 2
Deisler, Guillermo, 1940-1995 2
Grumman, Bob 2
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Held, John, Jr., 1889-1958 2
Horvat, Martin M. (Mike) 2
Trusky, Tom 2
Welch, Chuck, 1948- 2
ATCA Periodicals and Zines 1
ATCA Rubber Stamp Art 1
Agius, Juan J. 1
Alatalo, Sally 1
Appelstein, Michael 1
Barbara Alvord 1
Baroni, Vittore 1
Bennett, John 1
Bennett, John M. 1
Bergus, Nick 1
Bleus, Guy 1
Bruscky, Paulo 1
Campos, Haroldo de 1
Chiarlone, Bruno, 1947- 1
Crossley, Laura 1
Daggett, Heather 1
Daniels, David, 1933 October 11- 1
Dolgos, Gypsy 1
Dunn, Lloyd 1
Emma Goldman Clinic 1
Evason, Greg, 1961- 1
Falcon, Lee 1
Fanzines 1
Furnival, John, 1933- 1
Gaglione, Bill 1
Geringer, Lauren 1
Gieselman, Cody 1
Glenn, Joshua 1
Godollei, Ruth Ann 1
Gomringer, Eugen, 1925- 1
Hansen, R. Karen 1
Hereld, Sandy 1
Hill, Susan 1
Home, Stewart, 1962- 1
Hood, Wharton 1
Hoover, Debbie 1
Hotaling-Lyons, Celeste 1
Hsieh, Tehching, 1950- 1
Kay, Linda 1
Knapp, Brian 1
Koester, Kymbyrly 1
Kostelanetz, Richard 1
Lax, Robert 1
Leach, Laura 1
Levy, D. A. 1
Lively, Laura 1
Mancusi, Tim 1
Melnick, Linda 1
Mendez, Marian 1
Mendoza, Lynda 1
Miller, Guy 1
Miskowski, Mike 1
Montano, Linda, 1942- 1
National Amateur Press Association 1
Neiva, Bruno, 1983- 1
Nikonova, Rea, 1942- 1
Organization for Transformative Works 1
Perneczky, Géza 1
Petasz, Pawel 1
Public Space ONE 1
Reese, Marshall 1
Row, Heath 1
Ruben, Elliot M. 1
Ruby's Pearl (Iowa City, Iowa) 1
Sarah and Jen Wolfe 1
Smith, Burton Jay 1
Smith, Burton Jay, 1916-1944 1
Solt, Mary Ellen 1
Stewart, Sean 1
Treleaven, Marie 1
Turnepseed, Willametta, 1909-1989 1
Wathne, Mariellen (Ming) 1
White, Jessica 1
Winkler, Chris, 1959- 1
Wolfe, Jen 1
Zine Creators 1
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